Energy Harvesting and Lithium Ion Storage Batteries (LifeP04)

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A unique new battery proposition, derived from a 1m euro investment into new technology, with a state of the art battery management system that allows maximum discharge with over 3,500 plus life cycles. A unique battery with a fantastic power-to-weight ratio, it will make deep-cycle lead acid a thing of the past.


The engineering staff at Fitcraft Energy have designed and built over 150 Mw of Solar Farms all over Europe, which generate clean and renewable power which is then transferred to our homes and business via the National Grid.

Great care is undertaken when designing and installing the Solar Farms to maximise production from the solar panels via the cables, inverters and transformers, but once the power is exported to the grid approx. 10% of the generated power is lost as a result of line losses or power leakage as electricity travels to the end user.

Generating and storing the power closer to its intended place of use is important to reduce the losses. Approximately two-thirds of the fuel burned to generate electricity in power stations is lost in the generation and delivery process. Or to put it another way, our electric power systems operate at approximately 33% efficiency. There has been no real improvement in efficiency in the electric power industry in the last 30 years and line losses are increasing because the system is becoming overloaded. 











The total amount of electricity lost over power lines has doubled during this period, placing in essence an “inefficiency tax” on electricity that consumers now pay by getting higher bills. In parts of the developing world, old and inefficient power stations burn fossil fuels, generating pollution / smog made up of sulphur dioxide, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide that contribute to global climate change and localised health risk like chronic respiratory disease, lung cancer, heart disease, as well as damage to the brain and nervous system.



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During the past three years, Fitcraft Energy have designed a power storage and harvesting system that delivers power at source with minimum losses, with an option to be grid free, or depending on where you live in the world you can use the Grid or our LPG Gas generators as a backup to the power you generate and store using solar panels. We can help you become independent and free from the grid, while future-proofing you against blackouts or brownouts, and of course ever increasing electricity bills.



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Why is energy storage such a hot topic at the moment and why is or can it become so important?

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